Currently on COVID-19 hiatus


One-to-One “Feldie” Sessions
The Feldenkrais Method Functional Integration lessons or “F.I.s.” These are primarily hands-on table work sessions addressing issues specific to you.

$80 per session*

Offered most week nights, Friday afternoons, Saturdays and some Sundays.

*Fellow Practitioners, low-income artists, activists, and seniors pick your price in the sliding scale range of $60 – $80.

Home and other site visits are priced individually with initial assessment visit at $80, plus transportation costs.    


Small Group “Feldie” Classes
The Feldenkrais Method Awareness Through Movement classes or “ATMs.” These are primarily floor work lessons that are guided by verbal direction with a workshop approach. 

$10 per person

Enrollment limited to four people per class. Schedule varies weekly. Call for days and registration. I do not currently have an online class options.



Accepting debit and credit cards using Square.

1. The terms “lesson” and “session” are inter-changeable in describing the work or scheduling an appointment.
2. See FAQs page for more information about duration of appointments and other details.
3. Cancellations with less than 24-hour notice are subject to a $40 cancellation fee.
4. Rates may change without notice.

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