Hello! I am Kate Conroy, a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and ACE Fitness Trainer. Feldenkrais is a movement method developed for injury recovery and injury prevention. The approach facilitates self-[re]discovery.

Feldenkrais serves to:
~ relieve nagging aches and pains

~ speed and deepen trauma recovery
~ restore overall vitality and well-being

In one-to-one sessions I gently guide you through simple movement sequences that result in:

~ improved function
~ enhanced self-awareness
~ progressive self-actualization

Personally and professionally, I welcome LGBTIA and Q folks including gender-non-conformers, two-spirits and allies. I believe deeply that indigenous rights and Black Lives Matter. I work with all body types and specialize in post-menopausal women’s issues. My location is wheelchair accessible.

Certified by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America
Certified ACE Fitness Trainer, expected December 2020
Insured through the AMTA Professional Liability Insurance Program

I am also an artist committed to social practice and arts activism: www.kateconroy.com

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